Proleterska 11
24430 Ada, Serbia
Tel. / Fax
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2018 év elején gépparkunk egy új CNC marógéppel bővült amelynek finanszírozásához a Bethlen Gábor alap CSV-KP-1-2017/2-000370 számú pályázatán résztámogatást nyertünk.


  Company „ZUPČANIK“  was established in 1983 by Gordoš Karolj senior, former employee of machine tool factory „Potisje“ from Ada, who was, with twenty years of work experience, an acknowledged expert in the field of manufacturing gear wheels. The year the company was established, he bought the first machine for toothing from his own resources.

  In this region, this firm was the first independent workshop for metal processing. At the beginning, the company was performing co-operative services for  large state factories, such as „Zastava“, „Zmaj“, „14.oktobar“, „Goša“...

  Because of appropriate business policy, diligent and precise work, the company has developed smoothly and without problems.


  In the eighties, new part-ownershave appeared in the company, respectively, two part-owners with an ownership share of twenty percent. With support of Gordoš Karolj, more independent companies have been established in Ada, with the goal to create a co-operative chain for producing complete machine parts.

  In the difficult economic conditions during the nineties, there was a dissolution of the forementioned cooperative system, part-owners have left the company and the complete ownership of the company went to the family Gordoš.

  However, the company continues to develop and at the end of the nineties is equipped with 40 different machines, which are purchased exclusively from own funds.

  • In year 2000 - a new CNC lathe is purchased.
  • In year 2003 - Gordoš Karoly has retired, and the family business was inherited by his sons, Gordoš Karolj and Gordoš Šandor.
  • In year 2004 - a new workshop is built and the first globoid worm pair for export to Detroit (USA) is made
  • In year 2005 - a grinding machine for newer type of gears and a device for measuring and control gears (Mahr type) is bought.
  • In year 2006 - workshop is created and equipped for heat treatment.
  • In year 2007 - a workshop for milling is built and a lathe Ø 1000 mm and 3500 mm in length is purchased.
  • In year 2008 - brand new machines, a CNC milling machine and a  CNC lathe are purchased.
  • In years 2009 and 2010 - workshop is expanded with new machines.
  • In year 2011 - a new workshop is constructed and the machine fleet is expanded with a machine for toothing (MAAG type) which can make gear wheels with diameters up to 3000 mm
  • With our current possibilities we want to fulfill the wishes of our customers. Possibilities are reflected in the 80 machines in our workshops and nearly 20 employees.